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Fitbit Ionic – Fitness Superwatch extensively reviewed (Part 1)

Fitbit Ionic

This Fitbit Ionic reviews the sporty Smartwatch. The wearable features include promising fitness features and sensors that we take a closer look at. We will focus on the GPS and heart rate accuracy during various sports and fitness activities and provide further Fitbit Ionic experiences here. For reviewing we bought …

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Fitbit Ionic Review – How accurate is it in sports? (part 2)

Fitbit Ionic in Review

In the Fitbit Ionic Review, the second part of the Fitbit Ionic Review deals in more detail with the sporty characteristics of the Smartwatch. We are particularly interested in the Fitbit Ionic GPS accuracy and the accuracy of the heart rate monitor during sport. Among the sports highlights are a …

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Polar M430 Review – Practice, Accuracy, New Features

Polar M430 Review

In this Polar M430 review, the device from Finland is put to the test. First pictures of Polar’s GPS running watch were already taken at the FIBO 2017 in Cologne, Germany in April. This gave us the opportunity to get a first impression of the successor of the successful M400, …

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Polar OH1 – Flexible Optical Heart Rate Sensor

Polar OH1

With the Polar OH1, the sports specialist from Finland is presenting a flexible band with an integrated heart rate sensor. Such HR sensors are rarely found on the market. The Scosche Rhythm+ is comparable to the OH1, for example, because it uses a textile wristband. Polar OH1 Advantages The textile …

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