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November, 2020

  • 29 November

    Fitbit Versa 3 Review: How the GPS Fitness Smartwatch performs in Practice

    Fitbit Versa 3

    The Fitbit Versa 3 fitness smartwatch has hardly changed in terms of appearance compared to its predecessor, however, several new features can still create interest in the newer model. Among them, an integrated GPS receiver enables precise workouts without a smartphone nearby. For our review, we will go through some …

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  • 27 November

    Black Friday: Garmin, Fitbit, Polar and more – The best deals

    Amazon Black Friday

    This year Black Friday will take place on 27.11. and Cyber Monday on 30.11.2020. As at the last major deal event, great offers for products from Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, Withings or even Samsung will surely be available on the particular day. In 2020 we will again be collecting the coolest …

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  • 23 November

    Garmin Fenix 6 Comparison: 6 vs 6X vs 6S: Base or Pro? Which Model to choose?

    Garmin Fenix ​​6 Pro review

    Our Garmin Fenix 6 comparison shows important differences between the numerous model variants, as it is not easy to decide between a Fenix 6, 6S, 6X, Base, and Pro version at face value. In this article, we will compare and unpack the models and also give some tips on how …

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  • 23 November

    Garmin Venu Review: A Real Garmin with AMOLED Display [Update]

    Garmin Venu in the test

    In this Garmin Venu Review, we show that this GPS sports watch, with its AMOLED display, is a special but nevertheless genuine Garmin. This is not only reflected in the newly added features and the good battery life, but also in the practically identical, sporty characteristics as found in other …

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  • 23 November

    Garmin Forerunner 45 Review: Striking Changes inside and out

    Garmin Forerunner 45 review

    In the Garmin Forerunner 45 review, we offer extensive details on the visually and technically updated entry-level model, if the FR45 can still be classified as an entry-level model at all. The specifications of the GPS smartwatch list advanced features that are normally only found in more expensive Garmin sports …

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  • 22 November

    The 5 best Fitness Tracker in 2020

    From the fitness watch tests: the best models 2020

    Are you tired of coming across the same repetitive formulations and manufacturer images on the net when searching for fitness tracker reports, and results that don’t even suggest that the reviewer has seen the device in the first place? In this article, we have first-hand information and our own fitness …

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  • 18 November

    Fitness smartwatches with ECG: comparison, review and market overview

    Fitness Smartwatches with ECG

    Fitness smartwatches with ECG (electrocardiogram) are very trendy. The technology, which is still quite simple, is mobile and takes a back seat to the previous top seller among wearables sensors, the heart rate sensor. By means of simple hand movements, the function is intended to help detect atrial fibrillation, for …

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  • 17 November

    Polar Grit X in detailed Review

    Polar Grit X Test

    In our Polar Grit X review, we look at the outdoor multi-sport watch with up to 100 hours of battery life in training mode including GPS. It is available from $429,95 RRP and comes with familiar and new functions. We already had several weeks with our test device to gain …

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  • 16 November

    Fitbit Sense: Packed with sensors

    Fitbit Sense

    The Fitbit Sense fitness watch is the manufacturer’s new TOP model. Numerous exclusive and novel features are intended to make it stand out not only from its own lineup of models but also from those of other manufacturers. The watch focuses primarily on the health of its owners. With the …

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  • 12 November

    Withings ScanWatch: Everything you need to know about the ECG fitness watch

    Withings ScanWatch Review

    The Withings ScanWatch focuses heavily on health tracking. The special thing about it is the combination of an elegant design, a clinically tested ECG function with a CE certificate, sleep apnea detection, and simple Smartwatch functions, along with an impressive battery life of approximately 30 days. Depending on the size, …

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  • 11 November

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 Review: Everything you need to know

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 is prepared for the test

    In the Garmin Vivoactive 4 review we take a look at the latest addition to the Vivoactive series. The manufacturer has slightly increased the recommended price compared to the predecessor. The all-rounder is typically Garmin equipped with a MIP display. Below we explain the important differences between this display and …

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  • 11 November

    Polar Ignite vs Vantage M vs Vantage V: Important Differences and Comparison

    Polar Ignite vs Vantage M vs Vantage V

    Polar Vantage M or Polar Ignite? Or the Vantage V? We have been reviewing the three sports watches for some time now and know what the important differences are between them and why the Vantage models cost so much more than the Ignite. The Ignite still has some strengths that …

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  • 9 November

    Garmin Venu Sq vs Venu: What really makes them different

    Garmin Venu Sq (Music): TFT vs Venu: AMOLED

    Garmin Venu Sq or Venu? Or Venu Sq Music with music options? We have been testing these fitness watches for quite some time now and know what the important differences between them are. First of all, Venu is ahead in many ways, but not everyone needs all of its benefits. …

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  • 6 November

    Garmin Venu Sq (Music): Fitness tracker with GPS for under $200

    Garmin Venu Sq (Music) test

    The Garmin Venu Sq (Music) GPS fitness watch expands the series with a slimmed-down, but drastically cheaper model. It doesn’t look like its big brother with its more angular features, but they are still comparable. For those who find it too expensive, the new model will hardly be able to …

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  • 5 November

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs Venu vs Vivoactive 3 (Music): All differences in comparison

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 vs Garmin Venu

    Garmin Vivoactive 4 or Venu or the Vivoactive 3 (Music), which of these is now the best value? We have all the answers because we tested all three all-rounders over a longer period of time. We have here the important differences between these Garmin sports watches. Some differences are easy …

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