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Fitbit Charge 2 Review

In the Fitbit Charge 2 review, we introduce Fitbit's new wearable, a activity tracker with useful health and fitness tools. The predecessor already scored well with good 24/7 activity and pulse tracking, but the successor includes highlights like integrated heart rate measurement, cardio fitness level functions, and even multi-sport and workout interval options. And now

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Fitbit “Higgs”: New Fitness Watch this Year?

The Fitbits "Higgs" Project is preparing a new fitness smartwatch that has been sitting in the rumor vault for at least several months. Now that's no surprise because with Fitbit’s acquisition of smart watch specialists Pebble and Vector, that was to be expected. Fitbit’s CEO James Park has reportedly spoken about some rumors and gave

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Review of Fitbit Aria – Smart scale with WLAN

In this Fitbit Aria review, we will focus on the smart health scales and their characteristics. The Aria is Fitbit's first scale with WLAN and enables automated synchronization with the Fitbit App, which is also used for Fitbit's trackers. Fitbit Aria Review Go to Product Page  The Fitbit Aria is prepared for the

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