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Garmin Enduro or Fenix 6? Comparison and important differences

Garmin Enduro (left) or Fenix ​​6 Pro: comparison

Our Garmin Enduro or Fenix 6 comparison gives tips on choosing the right model. We have tested the latter in particular for a long time and know where important differences exist. Even those that cannot be found out via the manufacturer’s pages. Here are our detailed reviews: Garmin Enduro Garmin …

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Polar Grit X vs Vantage (M, V): Important Differences Compared

Polar Grit X vs Vantage

Polar Grit X or Vantage V? Or the cheaper and less equipped vantage M? We have been reviewing these sports watches for some time now and know what important differences lie between them, and why the Grit X is ahead in so many ways. You can’t figure out all the differences so …

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Fitness smartwatches with ECG: comparison, review and market overview

Fitness Smartwatches with ECG

Fitness smartwatches with ECG (electrocardiogram) are very trendy. The technology, which is still quite simple, is mobile and takes a back seat to the previous top seller among wearables sensors, the heart rate sensor. By means of simple hand movements, the function is intended to help detect atrial fibrillation, for …

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Garmin Venu Sq vs Venu: What really makes them different

Garmin Venu Sq (Music): TFT vs Venu: AMOLED

Garmin Venu Sq or Venu? Or Venu Sq Music with music options? We have been testing these fitness watches for quite some time now and know what the important differences between them are. First of all, Venu is ahead in many ways, but not everyone needs all of its benefits. …

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