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Garmin Vivoactive HR Review – GPS watch for athletes

Garmin Vivoactive HR In this Vivoactive HR review we look at the new multi-sport GPS smartwatch from Garmin in detail. Compared to its predecessor, the VivoActive, a lot has happened. Since the new Vivoactive 3 is on the horizon (our Vivoactive 3 Review,) we will compare the Vivoactive HR with the Vivoactive 3,

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Fitbit Charge 2 Review

In the Fitbit Charge 2 review, we introduce Fitbit's new wearable, a activity tracker with useful health and fitness tools. The predecessor already scored well with good 24/7 activity and pulse tracking, but the successor includes highlights like integrated heart rate measurement, cardio fitness level functions, and even multi-sport and workout interval options. And now

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POLAR M600 In-Depth Review

Today we present to you Polar's new wearable, a fitness smartwatch with Android Wear. The M600 has so many features and options that we will gradually fill this M600 review with content and finally a recommendation for who, the fitness watch can be interesting. Among the highlights is certainly Android Wear, which comes as the

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