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Gift Ideas – Gifts for Women

The truth is, it’s not difficult to find gifts for women. Whether it’s a gift for your best friend or mother. More and more women are interested in the sporty and chic little helpers that can be combined with a fitness app: fitness wearable. They contribute to a healthier lifestyle and can be incredibly motivating because you can collect points and trophies.


Gifts for women (Image: Roberto Nickson)

Gifts for women (Credits: Roberto Nickson)

They are now available in many stylish and fashionable variants as well as different price categories and make a good figure for women, especially as a Christmas present. Thanks to our many years of wearables experience and reviewing, we know which devices are well received and cause little trouble in daily use.

And now our gift ideas for women…

Note: In a separate article we have summarized sporty gift ideas for men.

Gifts for Women: For Those Who are or Want to Become Active

Activity Trackers are also becoming increasingly popular with women. You use them to motivate yourself to take more steps every day and display calories burnt, for example. With the help of fitness apps they help to improve fitness and health. Packaged as a Christmas present for the woman, they provide a surprise for the health-conscious and those who want to become one.

The following activity trackers stand out above all others here:

Gift Idea for All-Rounders: Fitbit Charge 2 (Our Tip!)

The Fitbit Charge 2 is suitable for women who are enthusiastic about sports and are or want to become active. It is also stylish, can use the GPS of your smartphone if necessary, has a good battery life (about 5 to 6 days) and is easy to use.

Buy the Charge 2 as a gift for the woman in your life if she is health-conscious and undertakes various sporting activities such as fitness workouts, yoga or jogging.
Gift idea: The band of the Charge 2 is available in different colors and shapes. This way you can create a very special surprise.

Gift Idea for Accurate Women: Polar A370

Polar’s A370 is a versatile activity tracker that leaves nothing to be desired. Among other things, it has an integrated heart rate monitor for sporting activities, smart coaching features and a colour touch display. In addition, the A370 can also use the smartphone’s GPS receiver to record the route, recording steps, calories, distances and daily targets. The tracker convinces above all with a good battery life of about 12 days, a great display and numerous sports profiles.

As a gift for the woman, the Polar A370 is guaranteed to be a positive surprise. Especially when she is engaged in various sporting activities such as fitness workouts, jogging or yoga.

Stylish Gift Idea: Misfit Ray

The Misfit Ray is a minimalist and stylish activity tracker. We particularly like the beautiful and compact design, its lightness and battery life. We also like the fact that you never have to use a charger. If the batteries are empty after 6 months, simply replace them with new ones. The Ray can be optically adapted to your own wishes by means of various bands, the price-performance ratio is ok and it is also waterproof.

Wrapped as a gift for the best friend, the Misfit Ray is good for a surprise, especially when the fashionable accent and simplicity are important.

Gifts For Women: Runners

Forerunner 235 (Picture: Garmin)

Forerunner 235 (Credits: Garmin)

Gift Idea for Female Runners: Garmin Forerunner 235

In our top list of gifts for women, the FR235 is at the top of the list when it comes to running. The FR235 is one of the best running sports watches with GPS and integrated heart rate sensor in the trade. The good Garmin App and the web portal offer a lot of evaluation possibilities. Other highlights: many running functions, integrated activity tracker that supports active life, smartphone notifications, is waterproof & has a good battery life.

Polar M200 Color Selection (Picture: Polar)

Polar M200 (Credits: Polar)

Gift Idea for Beginner Female Runners: Polar M200

For women who are beginner runners, the Polar’s M200 entry-level watch is well suited, being specially designed for running. The great “plus” of the M200: it can be coupled with Polar’s fitness platform Flow, which can be used to load individual or predefined training plans onto the sports watch. These help to slowly but steadily increase the fitness level. And, who knows? Maybe this will good be enough for the first race…

Gifts for Women: Adventure & Triathlon

Gift Idea for Adventurers & Triathletes: Garmin Fenix 5S

If it is to be a little more noble and even more functional, there is no way around the Garmin Fenix 5S. It is also suitable for professionals, hikers and triathletes, versatile, expandable, high-quality and supports a lot of sports, including swimming. The perfect gift for multi-sport and adventurous women.

Attention should be paid to the variant selection: Especially the variant with the “S” (Fenix 5S) in the product name is aimed at women and smaller wrists. It is considerably lighter and slimmer than the normal and 5X variants.

Further Gift Ideas

Christmas time is gift time – the gift explore will find the right gift for you. Be it gifts for women or simply a gift for your best friend, etc.

Gift tips for technical and fitness enthusiasts can be found here. These include fitness sports watches, activity trackers, navigation devices and much more.

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