Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition (Image: Fitbit)
Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition (Image: Fitbit)

Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition released

With the Fitbit Ionic adidas edition, the wearable manufacturer presents another version of its popular GPS fitness tracker. One of the main differences from the other Ionic versions (our Fitbit Ionic Review): the adidas Train App developed exclusively for the Fitbit Ionic adidas edition. See more below.

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Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition (Image: Fitbit)
Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition (Image: Fitbit)

In addition it comes with an exclusive two-tone sport band in Ink Blue and Ice Gray that is swim-ready and offers breathability for active workouts Also the dial is designed by adidas. The clock face is custom-designed by adidas and inspired by the iconic race bib. It’s available in four colors.

The adidas Train App

A special feature of the Fitbit Ionic adidas edition is the adidas train app with six running-specific workouts. They complement conventional training and support heart function, muscle building and mobility. Each of these workouts has been developed by adidas experts with many years of experience in motion training, according to the manufacturer. All of them are based on movements that have proven to be particularly effective for runners.

The adidas train app provides step-by-step training to ensure proper exercise. The corresponding instructions are available for viewing directly on the display of the Fitbit Ionic. This means that you can train anywhere and at any time at your own pace.

The workouts include:

  • Dynamic Warm Up to increase your core temperature and get your body ready to work (5 min.)
  • Power Pace to train your body to be more elastic, forceful, and efficient (10 min.)
  • Metabolic to increase your speed and boost your metabolism (15 min.)
  • Run Activation to improve your hip, core and shoulder stability (5 min.)
  • Strong Strides to build strength throughout your run (10 min.)
  • Post Run Stretch to ensure proper recovery with a fast and easy cool-down stretch (5 min.)

Otherwise as Usual

The Fitbit Ionic adidas edition has all the features of the Fitbit Ionic: the battery life of about 5 days remains unchanged, the GPS, wrist heart rate measurement, Run Detect, automatic pause and lap counting function, display of the Cardio Fitness Level (estimated VO2 Max), 5 ATM water resistance and much more are also on board.


Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition Prices and Availability

The Fitbit Ionic adidas edition will be available by March 19, 2018 for $329.95 for example here:

Fitbit Ionic adidas Edition Review

We are very curious about the adidas train app and therefore we are looking forward to making a Fitbit Ionic adidas edition review soon.