Huawei Body Fat Scale Review
Huawei Body Fat Scale Review

Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100 Review

In this Huawei Body Fat Scale (AH100) Review we want to dedicate our time to the smart and affordable health scale. The scale, which is managed with the model number AH100, makes it possible to track targets and automatically synchronize with the Huawei Body Fat Scale App via Bluetooth.

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The Huawei Body Fat Scale is prepared for the review:

Huawei Body Fat Scale Review
Huawei Body Fat Scale Review

In addition to the Body Fat Scale, the package contains only a short manual and the usual safety instructions. The 4 AAA Micro batteries required for operation are not included in the delivery. Detailed instructions are available on the net.

The scale’s movable feet compensate for minor unevenness on the floor, so that the scale is as level and stable as possible:

Huawei Body Fat Scale Underside
Huawei Body Fat Scale Underside

Huawei Body Fat Scale

The AH100 Body Fat Scale with 18.7 mm and 1.85 kg is a very flat and light weight scale. It can weigh up to 150 kg. The surface consists of ITO-coated glass and is therefore very easy to clean. However, there is a risk of slipping if the scale is wet.

Huawei Body Fat Scale
Huawei Body Fat Scale

The rounded corners make the scale look good and prevent injury around the foot area. The following is an optical comparison with the Withings/Nokia Body Cardio:

Huawei Body Fat Scale vs Withings/Nokia Body Cardio
Huawei Body Fat Scale vs Withings/Nokia Body Cardio

Based on a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) and other body data, the balance provides various health and fitness data, including

  • Weight
  • Body fat %
  • Body water %
  • BMR
  • Visceral fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Bone mass
  • BMI
  • Protein

The body fat percentage is estimated by the BIA because the AH100 is a so-called 2-point scale (both feet). It does not measure through the whole body, but only through the legs. The measurement can therefore be somewhat inaccurate compared to a 4-point scale (hands and feet).

Important note: The Huawei Body Fat Scale should not be used:

  • if you have a pacemaker or other medical device.
  • when you’re pregnant.

The scale is also not suitable for children under the age of ten or for diagnosing or treating health problems or diseases. In case of doubt, consult a doctor.

Setup and Deployment

The Huawei Body Fat Scale is a smart scale. This means that the measured values are automatically uploaded into an app via Bluetooth. Operation requires the Huawei Body Fat Scale App, which is available for Android and iOS smartphones. An online account is not required, so you can start using the app immediately after pairing.

For our Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100 review we used an iPhone. The coupling worked immediately and without any problems. The app/scale can manage up to 10 people. If there is a difference of more than 2 kilograms between people, the scale automatically detects them. Otherwise, the so-called online measurement must be activated. This means that you have to open the app on your smartphone and select the appropriate person before you can perform a measurement, so that the balance assigns the measurement data to the correct person. In order to get the most accurate values possible, you type in the most exact body data (gender, height, age) in the App.

It’s easy to use: just place it on the scale and wait a few seconds until the Huawei Body Fat Scale has taken the measurements in a few seconds. The display shows body weight and fat content.

Huawei Body Fat Scale – Trends & Goals in the App

The real highlight of a smart scale is the app that tracks trends and helps you achieve your goals. With the help of the Huawei Body Fat Scale App, all further measurement data can then be nicely prepared over a long period of time as tables or in diagrams, whereby the app helps to achieve individually defined goals and gives helpful health tips.

The app is kept simple, very easy to use and clear. By making important health data available to the scales, they can make a statement about whether they are above their ideal weight, for example.

If you don’t want to forget the regular measurement, you can set up alarms that remind you of the measurement at a certain time.

Among the possible goals available are losing weight, gaining weight and keeping weight. Other destinations are not yet available. Long-term trends are particularly important and these are clearly presented by the app in the form of tables and diagrams. And here’s what it looks like after a few weeks of Huawei Body Fat Scale reviewing for the target weight loss:


And the trends for weight, body fat percentage and muscle mass:

If you want to know what the measured values stand for, you can read about it in the app:


Huawei Body Fat Scale Review – Conclusion

In this Huawei Body Fat Scale Review, the smart health scales performed its main tasks reliably after the initial setup. The strengths of the AH100 Body Fat Scale are the comparatively low price, the simple app and its good looks. The Huawei Body Fat Scale is particularly suitable for people who want to keep an eye on their weight, BMI and body fat automatically and who want to identify trends and progress via app as well as pursue goals.

However, it should also be noted that with 2-point BIA scales, the measurement of body fat in the lower half of the body takes place through the legs, because the transmitted current always looks for the shortest way through the body.

The app is easy to use and informative, but we would like to see even more health tips offered to the user. Such as a better classification of the measured health data. We assume that Huawei will improve this app with updates.

The Huawei Body Fat Scale AH100 was kindly provided by the manufacturer.